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Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is a tech-oriented city teeming with potential for global businesses seeking a significant advantage.

This is a city not defined by limits and constraints, but by businesses challenging the norm and bringing innovations to life. It’s a hub of connectivity and energy; a city built around doing. It’s an affordable place to do business, with no reduction in quality. Knowledge and expertise is shared, freely. It’s just easier to do business here – at least 20% easier in fact.

20% more affordable.

Many global businesses have chosen to locate their business in Wellington to take advantage of lower overheads on offer. Office space in Wellington is less expensive than other global cities, but equally impressive. Wage costs are also lower, but the talent level is the same. A dramatic effect on your bottom line, but without any loss in productivity or quality of service. You’re actually more likely to experience a gain from access to a burgeoning talent pool, a boundary-pushing tech sector, and the renowned Kiwi work ethic added to the mix.

Global tech companies gaining an advantage in Wellington.

Wellington has the most New Zealand companies in the 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific index, a ranking of the top 500 technology businesses based on revenue growth.

More than half the revenue growth of the TIN100 across the country came from the Wellington region in 2013. The TIN 100 report measures high-tech companies. Wellington TIN 100 companies also grew close to three times faster than any other region.

Other Wellington tech companies making it big time.

Wellington’s world-class knowledge sharing events.

Wellington businesses acknowledge the benefits of collaboration. We recognize that we can get further globally by working together.

20% more skills, experience and inspiration.

Wellington city is full of businesses and individuals who are determined to take on the tech world. But around here, we prefer collaboration to cut-throat competition. We recognise that we can get further globally by working together. This co-operative culture means our experiences, discoveries, networks and upskilling events will be yours too. You’ll thrive in this welcoming but ambitious business environment.

The hub of the highly connected.

20% happier.

Wellington is life-sized. You would be hard pressed to find a city in the world where it’s easier to get around, where so many outdoor activities are minutes away, or where house prices are affordable close to the CBD. On top of that, you get unparalleled access to a passionate sporting culture, vibrant music scene and award winning cuisine and coffee.

Tech talent who’ve made Wellington home.

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